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Comporta & Beyond


Comporta is set between the pristine sea of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches in Portugal, the Natural Reserve of the Sado Estuary and a vast expanse of rice fields. It is situated on a coast of white sand dunes ranging from Troia to Sines, a bay with almost 65kms of natural coastline and a unique way of living.


Only 120kms from Lisbon, this area still retains an unspoiled nature with an endless beach and a lifestyle connected to the sea and the land. Troia, Comporta, Carrasqueira, Brejos da Carregueira, Carvalhal are all charming and unique places, where every village has its own identity, but all share the experience of life at sea and the rice fields.

This aspect is reflected in the delicious local cuisine, with an abundance of fish, seafood and of course, rice. Here you will find some of the best restaurants of our coast, giving an even more special flavour to your holiday.

Troia is a peninsula of sand dunes and amazing vegetation lying between the Sado estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. There lies one of the most beautiful golf courses in the country. In Troia, the modern casino lives alongside a park showing traces of ancient Roman life on this peninsula, once attracted by the charm of these lands.



Comporta is a village located between the mouth of the River Sado and the doors that open to the rice fields. Throughout the year, the paddy fields offer a beautiful range of colours and stages – from the flooding of the fields in spring, the growth of the grass in the summer, the golden harvest of autumn, to the burning of the fields in winter.

Carrasqueira is completely dedicated to the Sado river in summer and the cultivating fields in winter. This village has an ancient port with stilts dug in the mud of the estuary, which is home to thousands of species of birds throughout the year. The people are mainly fishermen and producers of sweet potatoes, thus offering very good seafood throughout the year, and in autumn the simple but delicious, baked sweet potato.



Brejos da Carregueira is a special place. The small peninsula of white sand, pine trees and colorful flowers became a small residential area of ​​restored houses with simple charm. The peninsula enters through the rice fields and almost touches the sand dunes to the beach. By foot, by bicycle or on horseback through the rice fields one can access the wild and inaccessible beaches with a truly unforgettable landscape.

Carvalhal is a small village situated between the extensive rice fields and the first berries that herald the onset of vineyards. From there you get to Lagoas and Pego, which are two small towns where there used to be two lakes that have naturally dried giving rise to agricultural fields. This area has access to two beaches with delightful restaurants – Carvalhal and Pego.



All this area has a unique presence of nature where you can enjoy the best that Portugal, and life, has to offer us.